Use this chart to find your ring size:

SizeInch (Circumference)Millimeter (Circumference)flag_USAflag EU
Size S2 1/1652.4652
Size M2 1/854755
Size L2 1/457.2857

Printable ring sizer

1. Print the size chart
2. Set your printer to print size 100% (original)
3. Place one of your own rings over the different sizes to find out which one is your size!
4. The circle that fits the inner diameter of your ring is the size you wear.
5. Please note that the template uses European sizes.

Necklaces / Chokers

On each product page the length of the necklace chain or choker will be stated. Please see below image for reference. (Necklaces will sit differently depending on your neck circumference). 

Most of our necklaces will have an adjustable extender allowing it to be worn at different lengths / layered with other items. If you would like your necklace chain to be made shorter/longer, please leave a note at checkout with your desired length (between 13 – 24 inches)